Exclusive TasteNFT Artists

Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson does Portraiture, Boudoir, Commercial/Editorial, Fine Art and Event Photography based in Houston, Texas.


Brianeleganto is a graphic designer, videographer, photographer, and an all around media producer. He previously owned a media company based in Houston, Tx. He later moved to California and used his s…


Introverted film noirtist, agent provocaRteur and Edge teeterer. goddart is a multi-national figure and currently resides in SE Asia. Previous, physical exhibitions include – Paris, Dubai, Ireland, Ne…

Thom Lester

Thom Lester is a retired IT gadget loving techie. He spends much of his free time creating Brainwave & Rhythmic Entrainment audio tracks, and 3d scenes in various themes from Boudoir to Sci-Fi.

david placer tastenft nft artist
David Placer

I´m David, 3d artist and filmmaker from Madrid. I like to experiment with different techniques and styles, always playing with the subjects that I am passionate about.

erik brede nft artist tastenft
Erik Brede

Unique Norwegian Pop Art for everyone. “Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else – Welcome to my Surreal World of Art!”


I’m Yona, a self-taught artist/illustrator born in Uruguay. I’m a lover of drawing, music, cinema, and cats. I have worked as a freelance illustrator for different independent industries such as music…


Masterdardar is from the Philippines and started doing NFT’s just this April 2021. Masterdardar did some of the NFTs from another crypto project. Masterdardar’s works are artistic edits of…

Christopher Treat Muniec

I do the human figure. My hero is Michelangelo. It started with Marvel comics and trips to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The figure spoke to me and to everyone around. Nudes caused sensatio…

Lorenzo Sala

Lorenzo Sala, empathic, eclectic, in love with photography, this is his instrument to transmit the emotions while playing with light and shadows. Some people who are posing for Lorenzo are professiona…

nft artist samarel

My name is Samarel. Web designer by day, erotic artist by night. I am mastering the art of making love and fine art nudes in my work, depicting the sexual energy between lovers. By purchasing MY Eroti…

nft artist Stephanie Eild
Stephanie Eild

Stephanie Eild is an internationally published model and erotic cosplayer. Residing in Wisconsin with her dog Frost she spends most of her time creating content and crafting cosplay props and costumes…

featured NFT artist
Chris Instinct

Chris Instinct is a UK based internationally published photographer & artist. Studying Fine Art and producing exhibitions while Chris worked from a young age in the music industry, there are many …