Brianeleganto is a graphic designer, videographer, photographer, and an all around media producer. He previously owned a media company based in Houston, Tx. He later moved to California and used his skills to work on media projects for Hollywood. While in Los Angeles, he began working for BET, Universal Studios, and director of projects for Netflix. He likes to use his leadership skills and creativity to collaborate with models to create unique glamour fantasy NFTs. He is always evolving to the next level by pushing how far the creative mind can go. The themes for each model in his projects are tailer-made for their personality, character, or unique story of an event in their lifetime. Brian has a passion of taking the beauty of models and letting the audience view them in a creative direction that is beyond anything ordinary that people would see in the real world.
His extra spare time, he likes to relax at the beach, work on his music company & trade crypto currency. He enjoys being a digital nomad in the islands of Puerto Rico and Philippines.
Thanks for checking out the work.

You can reach Brian through Instagram. @brianeleganto