Christopher Treat Muniec

I do the human figure. My hero is Michelangelo. It started with Marvel comics and trips to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The figure spoke to me and to everyone around. Nudes caused sensations. Superheros caused excitement, at least among my age group…still do. My fascination is with the human form. Forget all the religious rationalizations and the creeping metaphysics of humanism, I like it. And color! Yeah, baby. It is all about the psychedelic sixties, and the pure primal primary hip to shock and jolt the viewer into an altered state of consciousness. Now THAT is the religion talking.

It has been a merging of my thoughts that provide the finished piece. The form of the human figure and the siren wail of the great goddess COLOR! The two components make for me something greater than the sum of parts. The resulting pieces are interest holding. When I do a piece, I draw and then I paint and then I draw and then I paint… I paint for color and then I paint for subject. I draw for form and then I draw for flow. When I do a clay piece, I sculpt for  flow and I form for delight. It is a weaving of life’s many paths and disciplines that I pour , pound, and push into place for an  interesting art work.  If I do a good job a piece takes a power and life of its own. Like a child it can grow independent of my hands and reveal new meanings day by day, year by year.