Thom Lester

Thom Lester is a retired IT gadget loving techie. He spends much of his free time creating Brainwave & Rhythmic Entrainment audio tracks, and 3d scenes in various themes from Boudoir to Sci-Fi.

Thom has a thing for all things pointed ears, and they often show up in scenes from bedrooms, fantasy forests, or nebula exploring aliens. Each 3D scene is mindfully created and many of the ‘models’ have a backstory and are developed further in ongoing story-lines.

When not creating music or digital art, he is spending time reading various books from quantum physics, ancient aliens, or pondering life beyond the vale. He and his wife recently moved into their custom-built tiny house after living the Van-Life for three years and exploring the west.
Enjoy the views!

You can reach Thom at his Blog, Facebook page, or on Twitter.